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Therefore, sharing with you some resume tips on how to write your hobbies and interests section. AN ALL-AROUND INDIVIDUAL: The purpose of this portion of your CV is to indicate to hiring managers that you are a balanced individual and that you wil...

Poker players aren't like other gamers | ScienceNordic May 4, 2018 ... Most of them sit in the poker room and keep their activity well ... In 2008, Talberg used his master's degree in pedagogy to write about poker players. .... that there are some big players who have big holes in their résumé. A Poker Life: Jason Wheeler - Poker News - Cardplayer May 14, 2016 ... ... stop to the next, looking to add more accolades to his poker resume. ... I won close six figures in a couple months, put some money away and ...

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Poker Resume - Poker Advice - PocketFives If you have a "hobbies/other interests" section you could put that poker if one of your hobbies (amongst others). You could say "I have been pursuing some personal business ventures, but I am now ready to put those aside and step back into the corporate business world". Need advice on how to put poker on your resume - Poker ... You are absolutely correct that the trading industry looks well on poker (I know of several firms that actually have company wide tourneys with the winner getting a buy in to the main event), and since there is a 3 year gap you will have to put it on your resume. I just wouldn't put your actual profit on your resume.

Aug 5, 2015 ... Common CV/Resume Mistakes ... Don't use another CV or resume as a TEMPLATE. ▫ Avoid “TOO MANY WORDS”. ▫ Don't include PERSONAL information, e.g. ..... Interests: Intramural Basketball, Traveling, and Poker.

Should I put poker on my resume? | Wall Street Oasis Dec 13, 2017 ... I don't view poker as gambling, but others, such as my parents, may. I know for ... What is the worst that can happen, if I put it on my resume?

Something I was wondering about today: in what circumstances (if any) is poker worth mentioning on your resume / CV or at a job interview? If I...

interviewing - Should I include poker on my resume? - The The goal of a resume is to get you an interview. People are rarely hired by their resume alone. You put things on your resume that will get you in the door. If playing poker will help you get that interview then include it on the resume. For the most part it will not. Putting Poker on Your Resume - bballjm.blogspot.com Dec 21, 2011 · As poker players, we should know better than almost anyone that sometimes the best decision is the lesser of two evils. Sometimes the best decision is a play with an expected value of zero. While having poker as the only work experience on your resume … Poker On A Resume - General Poker Forum Jul 06, 2009 · Poker On A Resume - posted in General Poker Forum: This has been discussed before, but my question is much more specific than anything I could find using the search feature.I think poker has become mainstream enough where an open-minded recruiter or company would not hold it against you if you put it on you're resume that you play poker. If they are intially turned off by it, then it is your